This publication house is the outcome of the learning of the library and School program. In past two years, we have observed that the content which is available for older people is not appropriate enough for early stage learners. Also, the early stage learning content usually remains too childish for older early stage learner. Due to this problem once a child who has missed the regular track of learning doesn't find interest in reading books. The another issue which we faced was that there were few books which were written and designed keeping the slum and street children in mind. Because of this at the time they don't feel any connection with the books. Due to these few issues with this Pustakmala Books we are attempting to provide the open source, low-cost content for bridge programs and content specifically curated for vulnerable children and slum Children. The publication house is in a nascent stage with the first set of books to be launched on 17th October 2017.  


The Pustakmala Books is looking for volunteer writers and illustrators who may like to contribute to this mission of providing low-cost and open source content. 

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